Your impression of the quality and value of our services is very important to us. We respectfully ask for your assistance in evaluating the services we provided, as this will enable us to provide the best possible care to others who turn to us in their time of need.

"My Dad passed away rather unexpectedly last week. My family and I met with Alyssa at the Funeral Home who explained absolutely everything, and helped us go through options for services. My Dad was not a religious person, so we chose to work with a "celebrant", instead of clergy for his services. Cindy, the celebrant, came out to our house and listened to many stories about my Dad. She helped us choose music that would celebrate his life, and give him the sending off that I think he would truly appreciate. She was able to weave these stories into a tapestry of his life into a eulogy that was absolutely amazing. She caught much of his personality in his story, and then opened the floor up to words from others. She was incredibly patient and kind. All the while, Alyssa stayed by our sides and directed everything. She and Cindy were a well versed pair, making sure that we had everything we needed. Many other people were involved, I'm sorry I do not know their names. Everyone was gracious and kind, lending words of support.

I am so glad that we used Beers and Story for this very difficult time. I have seen other funeral homes do cookie-cutter services, and this was absolutely not one of them. My Dad would have been very pleased.

Heather Briere

"Dear Crystal, We can't thank you enough for your compassion and caring during the time following our mother's death. You made everything so much easier for us during a very difficult time. After speaking with you about my mother and her life you captured her essence in your moving funeral service. We felt that you had known her all of her life. After the service several people approached us to tell us how truly lovely and personal your service had been. You have an incredible gift of empathy and you gave us a great deal of comfort in our time of grief. Your professionalism and exemplary service was very much appreciated. Thank you so much. The family of Sylvia O'Nell"

Patricia Gately

"Good morning, Wendy, you have no idea how much you and Marc touched our families lives with the death of our mother Ann Guenette, she passed away on 12/31/03. We can't believe it will be three years this December! You made all of us feel like part of your family with your grace, dignity, love and concern you showed all of us. When the situation has arisen to discuss funeral homes, we all have recommended both you and Marc. Three of us have already had our wills updated with Beers & Story written into our requests. Thank you for the remembrance update, I will pass it along to my brothers and sister. Always,"

Peggy Cadieux

"I thanked Wendy at least twice on Saturday, but I still feel that is not enough. I know that this is your occupation and that certain things are required and expected of you, but I still feel that you all went above and beyond the call of duty for me nd my family. Everyone on your staff was willing to go to any extreme to make this process easier for us. Everything was explained to us and we were guided effortlessly through one of the worst times in our lives. I don't know how you did it, but you certainly couldn't have done any better. You were all willing to fulfill any need, whether it was greeting us at your doors, providing an area for my children, seeing to the details for us or putting me into the funeral procession after the church service. You were all certainly at our disposal and we will never forget it. Many people have said they were very impressed with your service to the family, your professionalism, your compassion and even your lovely facility. Your website has also become a comfort to us during this time. Once again - THANK YOU! You have every right to be proud of your performance."

Mary McRobbie

"Dear Marc & Wendy, We, the Brissette family, want to express our thanks and appreciation for all your service on behalf of our loved one, Breezy. To say "thank you" is so inadequate. It is difficult to find the words to truly express how we feel. There is no question you did a professional job, but you went far beyond with your gentleness, thoughtfulness and concern in caring. Your sincere attention came through beyond our expectations. Everyone was in awe of how you presented every aspect of the celebration of the life of our Breezy. This kind of service and caring isn't something experienced very often in the business world. We are hearing buzzing in the town of South Hadley about this service and it is fitting because South Hadley is where the Brissette family's story begins. Very sincerely,"

The Brissette Family

"Crystal was kind, patient and understanding in helping us plan my Dad's services during a very difficult time in our lives. Everything was wonderful. Professional staff, beautiful facility and overall exceptional experience! "

Gina Overton

"The family of Irene would like to extend our sincere thanks for the compassionate support you provided our family in planning services and celebrating our mom's life. Your professionalism, attention to detail, guidance, patience and a bit of humor helped us plan a beautiful wake for mom and burial for both of our parents. We were all so pleased how it turned out."

The Gilman Family

"To Crystal and the caring staff at Beers and Story. The compassion, amazing accommodations, and mostly the personnel way my husband, Bob was treated will forever be a comfort to myself and all my family. From the first moment, Crystal attended to all the details of this very difficult time with such professionalism and compassion. The video that was made of Bob's life was beyond description and captured him completely. I truly can not say enough about how pleased we were. Thank you very much."

Norma Mccain

"Dear Wendy, Just want to thank you again for all you have done. You were a gift to all of us. Sincerely,"


"Dear Wendy: Mickey came back last week with Marcy's remains and we had the local service and burial for her. Although the local service was very nice, yours far out-weighed anything I have ever attended or been involved with. I felt compelled to let you know how touched I was by the service you prepared in Marcy's memory. Although I realize what you do is your business, the way you do it shows how you really care about the families who come to you. That came through many times during the few short days our lives intermingled. I loved that you were so in tune with our feelings. I loved that you wanted input from the entire family and then incorporated those thoughts to create a truly meaningful celebration of Marcy's life. You spoke as if you knew and loved her yourself. I have listened to the CD you made for Mickey and thought of what a great memento it is to have. I can tell you that without a doubt, Marcy would have loved you! Thank you so much for giving yourself and your talents in making the celebration of Marcy's life a meaningful one and for helping all of us begin our grieving process. You are truly blessed!"


"Wendy, I just had to thank you for all that you did for our family and especially for me. I do remember Dad mentioning you and how he thought you were the best.....and he was right. I am so glad that you were the one who helped us make his final moments in the sun so special. Thank you for taking the time to take his hand print, they mean so much to me right now. Thank you for playing our special song. The playing of it at the cemetery was a surprise and it was so beautiful~how everyone there sang him our song. Many people have commented on just how beautiful the service was and how proud Dad would be of all the little things we did to help celebrate his life. And you were a huge part of that. So, thank you for everything. In Gratitude,"

Karen Kingsley